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5 steps on the way to your own Itasha

You want to build an Itasha, Itansha or Itachari but are not sure how to get started?
We have put together five points for you as a stop. Of course this list does not claim to be exhaustive, but we hope that we can give you an orientation for a successful start.

1. Determine which Anime, which Game, which Vocaloid character, etc. should decorate your vehicle.

2. Search for high-resolution images on the Internet, bitmaps as large as possible and with at least 200dpi. Ideal are vector files: there are either vectorization services on the wwweb or start looking for local graphic designers who offer such services.
Think about whether it is fine for you that you are moving in a sort of "gray area" in terms of licensing. In any case, keep your hands off "big players" like N******o or D****y.
If you would like to have something completely individual, then search for illustrators, who can create graphics according to your desire (for example on Deviantart).

3. Take photos of your vehicle from all sides where you want to attach stickers and create a rough design using e.g. Photoshop or Gimp. Why these programs? Well, using layers you can test different combinations without having to rebuild the file each time.
In any case, you should already have an idea of ​​what your Itasha should look like before you contact a wrap shop or printing service.

 4. Take your design to a print-/wrap shop in your area which generally has a good reputation or has already wrapped vehicles for larger companies. If the company has a graphic artist on hand, that's definitely an advantage.

 5. Be sure to use high quality materials for the prints, whether you apply the stickers yourself or have them done. Here is the motto "who buys cheap, buys twice".

Incidentally, although costs could be estimated very roughly from our experience, they ultimately depend on the region, the size of the work, the size of the vehicle and any graphics services.

Good luck!

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