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Hello. We are N.G.E. Itasha.


Itasha are vehicles which are decorated with Manga, Anime or video game characters. The word “Itasha” derives from the Japanese itai for “painful” and sha for “vehicle”. “Painful” may refer to the purse of the owner, since the stickers or foil are usually quite costly. Some people also say that the term “painful” refers to the striking motifs in (painfully) bright colors.. 
Itasha vehicles are generally divided into three categories: Itasha (automobiles), Itansha (motorcycles) and Itachari (bicycles). This trend initiated in Japan (where else) and spread from Japan across the Asian continent; to America, Australia and Europe.


That is easy: Network of German and European Itasha. 
And well, yes. Some similarity to an Anime we founding members like may not be complete coincidence..


The “role-model” and incentive for the founding of our group were international groups and pages. The fact that there were big Itasha events, sometimes gathering hundreds of vehicles, always fascinated us and the wish to participate in such events grew stronger as time passed.
Surprisingly there was neither a German nor a European Itasha group until the time of our group’s foundation. There were Asian, American and other International groups in which also many Europeans were gathered. So we decided to create a community, initially starting on Facebook: the Network of German and European Itasha.
In addition to virtually meeting in the world wide web, we aim to participate at conventions both in National and European context. A first step into this direction was our initial meeting at the DoKomi 2016 in Germany. In 2017 more meetings and conventions in Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands followed. 
However our goal is to regularly take part in conventions everywhere in Europe. We hope to establish lasting international connections between Itasha fans.

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